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 “US elections are subterfuge. No legitimacy. Rigged”: Lendman

Born in 1934 in Boston, MA. Raised in a modest middle income family. Attended public schools. Received a Harvard BA in 1956 and a Wharton MBA in 1960. After six years as a marketing research analyst, became part of a new small family business in 1967. Remaining there until retiring in 1999. Have since devoted my time to progressive causes, extensive reading, and since summer 2005 writing on vital world and national topics. They include war and peace, American imperialism, corporate dominance, political persecutions, and a range of other social, economic and political issues. In early 2007, began regular radio hosting. Now host The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network.
NNC has conducted an interview with Steve Lendman, author from Boston. The following is the interview.

NNC: At first, what do you think about Occupy Wall Street? Does this movement a popular and spontaneous one or a predetermined?
Lendman: I was thrilled a year ago September when OWS emerged in Manhattan and spread like wildfire across the country and abroad in Europe. It was the first mass activism against a corrupt, dysfunctional, predatory system since the 1960s. It's too early to tell what's coming, if what started has legs, or has any chance to succeed. I wrote a number of articles on OWS. I stressed that this is the mother of all struggles. It represents people against money power. Money power runs America and most other countries. Unless defeated nothing can be accomplished. Will take many years of commitment. So far, minor skirmishes alone occurred. Accomplished next to nothing. I'm still hopeful for real accomplishments.
NNC: In your opinion this movement rooted from Arab Spring or rooted from economic crisis and the other problems in USA?
Lendman: Arab spring is a Western term, not a ME one. So far it accomplished nothing and in many respects things are worse. America manipulated everything.
Issues are real. Gross injustices need to be addressed and changed. Swapping one despot for another does nothing.
NNC: Thank you Mr.Lendman
so, in your opinion, this movement try to reform not to overthrow the government.
However, I think that there are some parties like communists and socialists who want to relate this movement to themselves. For example, CPUSA and SPUSA. What do you think about this? Can they continue this process and why they do so?
Lendman: Indeed reform, change a corrupt system. Problem is it's too dysfunctional to fix. Impossible. Only solution is rip it down and start over. That's revolution but to work must be nonviolent.
My solution - a general sustained strike by workers on their own shutting down the country. Stop commerce. Get attention but can't do it with corrupt union bosses.
NNC: I think so. It's really impossible but always hope is exist.
Lendman: I never lose hope. But great victories take long struggles. America once ended slavery. Most people thought it was impossible but it happened. So can ending money power. And do that and end US imperial wars. No money. No wars.
NNC: Now in USA, the issue of election is so hot, and probably this is the cause of calm downing of occupy protesters. Romney and Obama, try to reach to the White House. in your opinion, which one of these, have more chance for?
Lendman: US elections are subterfuge. No legitimacy. Rigged. Again, money power runs America and chooses leaders. Matters little whether Obama, Romney or Mickey Mouse. The same system continues. That's the problem.
And, have a one party state with 2 wings. Independents are entirely shut out. Some democracy. Crucial to change.
NNC: I want to ask a question that myself not sure about this. but this is what i heard. is there any footprint of a term as Zionism in the USA events? i mean, can we say this money power is Zionism?
Lendman: Zionism is one element of money power but also separate. It's about prioritizing Israeli interests. They're largely imperial. They do America more harm than good. One day the relationship will change or end. It's long overdue.
I'm Jewish and deplore Zionism. I've written about its destructive influence. It's about power, dominance, not Judaism.
NNC: So you believe that Zionism as an element of power money, could be one of the factor to form OWS? Or if not, what is the role of the powerful rich person like Soros in this movement? why Soros indirectly help to Adbuster? Does it mean that money power search for a shock therapy or not? something else is behind of this? In general, is there any behind?!
Lendman: Soros is one of the worst. I've written about him. I don't know much about him and Adbuster. I do know subversion is used to infiltrate and destroy OWS. Soros for sure is involved and other major monied interests.
NNC: That's right.What do you think about the future of USA? Do people get rid of this catastrophic situations or not? When the 99% can reach to their rights?
Lendman: All empires eventually self-destructed. America will fare no better. When, who knows or exactly how.
NNC: Thank you very much for your time and attention.
source: NNC Research

Date: 2012/11/10

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